Driving in icy and snowy weather – The Highway Code

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Driving in icy and snowy weather – The Highway Code

At High Alert Driving School we like to share some of the rules from the highway code that the Driving and Vehicle standards agency have sent out as very helpful email reminders. Here is the latest Rule.

Rule 231

Drive extremely carefully when the roads are icy. Avoid sudden actions as these could cause loss of control.

You should:

  • drive at a slow speed in as high a gear as possible; accelerate and brake very gently
  • drive particularly slowly on bends where loss of control is more likely. Brake progressively on the straight before you reach a bend. Having slowed down, steer smoothly round the bend, avoiding sudden actions
  • check your grip on the road surface when there is snow or ice by choosing a safe place to brake gently. If the steering feels unresponsive this may indicate ice and your vehicle losing its grip on the road. When travelling on ice, tyres make virtually no noise.

Read all the rules about driving in icy or snowy weather.

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